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DVD 13: Early New Meadows

#13 Early New Meadows
Topics: Histories – Inez, Glen, Ken, Dorothy, Reed’s; Meadows name, Wilson homestead, Inez’s Early Life; the Depression years – Glen, Ken, Dorothy; Rationing, Pea industry, Poke!, New Meadows Airstrip, Inez’s Military Career, Temperatures in the valley, Preserving Food, Prohibition, Mud and Main Street, Joe Caha’s Dairy, Milk Cows, Cabins, Gary Cooper, Ken’s radio Station, Carbide Lites, Horses to Tractors, Steam Tractor Hay Stacking, Undertakers.

Panel: Inez (Wilson) Morris, Dorothy (Whitney) Nadeau, LeRoy Johnson, and Glen Carlock.
108 minutes, October 19, 2006


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