Progression Timeline

Progression of the Depot from the Union Pacific Railroad
to the Adams County Historical Society


Union Pacific Railroad, application to consolidate all of its controlled companies (includes the Oregon Short Line)

August 22, 1936

Union Pacific RR under the company of Oregon Short Line purchases P & IN Railway, becomes known as OSL’s New Meadows Branch

April 11, 1974

Lease agreement between Oregon Short Line/UPPR with the City of New Meadows for the land

December 12, 1977

After several meeting with the Depot Committee,  Architect estimates cost to restore the depot was set as $12,800.00

January 4, 1978

The Adams County Historical Society is formed

January 9, 1978

City advised by attorney to put Depot up for bids.  City advertised for bids

February 13, 1978

ACHS is the only bid, which was $1.00.  The City accepted the bid

March 13, 1978

Bill of Sale is given to the ACHS

December 11, 1978

The City received the agreement papers from Union Pacific Railroad Co. releasing ownership of the Depot Building to the ACHS


ACHS awarded IDT grant, title to land needed

April 1, 1984  to 1989

Lease agreement between Oregon Short line/UPPR to the ACHS for the land

May 30, 1989

Union Pacific RR  Co. quitclaim land that Depot stands on to J.I. Morgan, Inc. for $10.00

October 22, 1991

Re-executed the quitclaim deed of May 30, 1989 to correct the 20’ of land on the north end of the property for Hwy 95 previously deeded to the Idaho Department of Transportation and City of New Meadows

June 22, 1994

letter of intent with copy of Quitclaim Deed to transfer ownership of land from J.I. Morgan, Inc. to the ACHS

July 1, 1994

Quitclaim deed for transfer of land was sent to be filed to Adams County courthouse

December 6, 1994

Notice from Adams County Assessor’s office , cannot process Deed, discrepancies of deeds between UPR to J.I. Morgan, Inc. and UPR to IDT concerning 20’ for Highway 95

December 23, 1994

New quitclaim deed from J.I. Morgan to ACHS

August 7, 2001

Commitment for Title Insurance, New Meadows Railroad Depot property/Litigation Guarantee: problems found

  • No deed from Coeur d’Or Development Co.
  • Interest between UPR, J.I. Morgan and ACHS not clear

January 3, 2002

Discovered problems of the west side of property, part of Morgan Town Platt, some of the land still belongs to UPRR February 13, 2002 – Letter to UPR explaining problem –  need new quitclaim deed with legal description for a clear title

  • Surveyed – new legal description of property needed

February 14, 2002

Letter to J.I. Morgan, Inc. explaining problem –  need new quitclaim deed with legal description for a clear title

February 27, 2002

New Quitclaim Deed from J.I. Morgan, Inc. signed.  Still waiting for similar deed from UPR.  Letter sent to UPRR asking for Quieting of Title action

April 24, 2002

Legal action was necessary to obtain clear title concerning Coeur d’Or Development Company.

May 13, 2002

Quitclaim Deed filed at Adams County concerning Default Judgment

  • ACHS vs. Coeur d’Or Development Company
  • Default Judgment – neither party planning to attend the court action as anticipated – uncontested matter

August 1, 2002

Title Insurance Policy awarded which included the legal description excluding the 20’ north of property that is part of Hwy 95, and included the property to the west

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