• President’s Room Restoration Begins

    Posted on March 5, 2015 by in News and Information

    The Adams County Historical Society is pleased to begin restoration of the second story of the historic P&IN Railway Depot. This makes the fulfillment of decades of hopes and dreams come a little bit closer to fruition by turning the beautiful building back into an active part of the valley where people can gather, celebrate, learn, and appreciate the value of the unique history of Adams County. The long term vision of turning parts of the second story into a visiting artists center is one step closer. The President’s Room, where Colonel Heigho sat when he was officiating from New Meadows over the Pacific and Idaho Northern Railway Depot (P&IN), will become an accessioning center (where museum items and information is formally cataloged) and the other rooms for classrooms and studio. Needless to say,raising funds for these types of restorations and projects is daunting.
    The vast majority of endowment funds received from private sources is restricted to preservation activities. Meeting the day to day operation costs is a big struggle. For example, this past February the building and maintenance costs left a deficit of nearly $500. As you can see, at that rate, unless other funds are received through donations and membership, in no time at all restoration grant matching funds would be exhausted, leaving the vision and opportunity for completing the building undone.
    Your financial support of the ACHS and it’s vision is much appreciated.

The Historic P & IN Railway Depot