• New Refrigerated & Warmers added to Freight Room

    Posted on January 18, 2018 by in News and Information

    The Adams County Historical Society recently installed a new commercial under counter refrigerator and food warming unit in the Freight Room of The Pacific and Idaho Northern (P&IN) Railway Depot in New Meadows. The purchase of these two pieces of equipment was possible because of funds awarded to the ACHS from “The Fosdick” this past year and the efforts of three Meadows Valley eighth graders participating in the schools Pay-It-Forward project the previous year. The 16 foot long counter/food prep project has been in the works for five years and has finally come to fruition. In 2016 Don McLean of Westcraft Woods got the project finally off the ground by donating the materials and building of the counter, followed by C&N Electrical Contractors doing the electrical work, and plumbing by Rob Dines of Hines Site Plumbing. Completion of the project wasn’t possible until funds were available for the purchase of the sink and appliances. The Freight Room now has food handling capabilities for events, receptions, and meetings held there. For more information about the depot visit www.historicpindepot.com.

The Historic P & IN Railway Depot