Grants & Awards

Generous grantors, organizations and benefactors have made it possible for the restoration to move forward through out the years – from donating the depot and land on which the depot sits to the ACHS, the setting up of a family endowment, stocks and cash donations as well as volunteer hours have kept this historic restoration project alive.  Without this generosity this historic building would not exist and live to serve the public once again in the form of center of historic Meadows Valley information, museum and planned artists center on the second level.


Idaho Heritage Trust
National Trust for Historic Preservation
Idaho State Historical Society
Idaho Community Foundation
Idaho Humanities Council
Laura Cunningham Foundation
Meadows Valley Benefit Golf Tournament “The Fosdick”
Idaho Power Company
Idaho Transportation Department
Department of Commerce
Transportation Enhancement Grant

Grant Writers:  Karl Augustine 2002 –   representative of SAGE Community Resources, Rosemary Hoff 2007 – 2011, Levi McGarry 2012 – Marla Krigbaum, Carla Standley, Carolyn Chapman 2012-2014, Micki Eby 2012-2021


Idaho Heritage Trust $2,550.00 50/50 Matching grant. Second story hall ceiling and wall plaster restoration and repair
The Fosdick Golf Tournament $3,000 Depot Interpretive sign, building identity road sign
Idaho Heritage Trust 50/50 matching grant $10,000 Second Story 23 window replacement.
The Fosdick Golf Tournament $3,000 Matching funds for second story window replacement
Cell Tower Mitigation $5,000.00 used as matching funds for second story window replacement
Idaho State Historical Society $1,000 New printer, photo paper, printer ink
Idaho State Historical Society $900.00 UV Protective Blinds President’s Room.
The Fosdick $3,000 for appliance purchase; ISHS matching grant $1,150 for UV Blinds
Idaho Heritage Trust 50/50 matching grant $13,000 for Corbel, Fascia, Soffit restoration; Idaho State Historical Society matching grant $900 Internet Ethernet upgrades and installation; The Fosdick $3,900 for matching grant money toward Corbel etc. restoration
The Fosdick $3,000 for appliances; Idaho Heritage Trust matching grant, $10,000 first phase of Corbel, Fascia, Soffit restoration; ISHS matching grant $700 for UV protective Blinds
Idaho Heritage Trust 50/50 matching grant $8,000 President’s Room restoration; The Fosdick $4,800 for ceiling insulation in the Freight Room
The Fosdick $4,400 for asphalt tile installation in Freight Room; Idaho Heritage Trust matching grant $4,000 window restoration in elevator and stairwell
The Fosdick $3,300 grant for computer, software and matching grant funds for bathroom window restoration project
The Fosdick $5,200 matching grant funds for Lobby, ticket agents, ladies waiting room restoration
The Fosdick $5,000 replace two doors
Idaho Heritage Trust 50/50 matching grant $5,000 first floor window restorations
Idaho Community Foundation $1,000 to replace Freight Room Doors
Idaho Heritage Trust $1,500 50/50 matching grant for window restoration and transcription machine
National Trust for Historic Preservation matching grant Historical Architect fees to study windows, design and planning
Idaho Heritage Trust 50/50 matching grant $1,000 window restoration on first floor
Idaho Department of Transportation matching grant $500,000 for foundation stabilization and repair, re-point bricks, roof, extend freight room, wiring, furnaces



Idaho Heritage Trust Award – for determination to save the P&IN Railroad Depot
Esto Perpetua Award  from the Idaho Historical Society – Outstanding accomplishment in preserving Idaho’s Heritage  – Awarded to  ACHS members Will Kerby, G. Dale Smith, William March.


Spirit of Idaho Award for Historical Preservation – Idaho Department of  Commerce for work to preserve former Union Pacific  Railroad Depot (P&IN Railway)
Governor’s Award


Dr. Robert Woods Award  – Sage Community Resources for Outstanding Voluntary Service, for  ongoing commitment to depot restoration and for service on behalf of  economic development.



Awarded to persons for their efforts
in preserving older buildings in the area.

To:  May Wilson for reroofing the Wilson English style horse barn built in the early 1920’s; Stan Cline and Wendy Lucker  for work done on work on 1907 2 story house built by Jonathon and Carolyn McMahan by Highway 55 in Meadows; and the Upper Dale School Community for the work done on the 1903 2 room school house northwest of Council, ID.  The award was received by Doris Harringon.  Doris, her husband and his 16 brothers and sisters all attended the school.


Idaho Heritage Trust


2019 – Yard Sale
2018 – Yard Sale
2017 – Yard Sale
2016 – Yard Sale
2015 – Yard Sale
2013 – Yard Sale
2011 – Yard Sale
2010 – Yard Sale
2009 – Yard Sale, Labor Day Depot mini tours. (free), T-Shirt, Barn Book sales & donations
2008 – Yard Sale, “Bond with Iron” blacksmith created limited edition hooks out of railroad spikes
2004 – Crab Feed, Raffle Big Screen T.V.
2003 – Crab feed
2002 – Sagebrush BBQ and Chili Cook-off
1999 – Crab Feed and Silent Auction
1990 – 1890’s Style Show at the high school, fashions provided by area residents and Cambridge Museum and Council Gallery.

The Historic P & IN Railway Depot