• ACHS received $8,000 matching grant from Idaho Heritage Trust

    Posted on December 14, 2014 by in News and Information
    Looking into The President's Room

    Looking into The President’s Room

    ┬áThank you Idaho Heritage Trust (IHT) for your recent matching grant of $8,000 that will allow the Adams County Historical Society to begin restoration on the second story of the historic Pacific and Idaho Northern Railway Depot in New Meadows. The restoration will begin in what was The President’s Room that will become a room for museum accessioning and artifact storage with the ultimate goal of having a visiting artist program with classrooms and artist room on the second story of the depot. This will bring art education and exhibit opportunities to the community and region. This year, as well as restoring windows and doors on the first floor of the depot, with financial assistance from IHT, the member work has been focused on accessioning in preparation for museum displays to come. The restored Ladies Waiting Room has been overtaken by the accessioning project and with the restoration of the President’s Room the Ladies Waiting Room will once again be freed up for public display. Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement of the ongoing depot restoration.

The Historic P & IN Railway Depot