About Us

The Adams County Historical Society


The mission of the Adams County Historical Society is to preserve, protect and restore the human and natural histories of Adams County for the informational and educational benefit of the public.

The Adams County Historical Society, Inc. Is a 501(c)(3) non-profit

Story of ACHS

The State of Idaho, Department of State signed the Certificate of Incorporation January 9, 1978.  At that time Pete Cenarrusa was Secretary of State of the State of Idaho.  The document was signed by ACHS Board Members G. Dale Smith, President, Myrna M. Kerby, Nita L. Branstetter, Lynn D. Simmons, and Mark D. Smith.


Adopted 1978, Reinstated 1993 and amended 2004


Adopted 1978, amended 1993, amended and restated 2004




Our Vision and Goals for the Depot

The Historic P & IN Railway Depot