The Historic P&IN Depot

About the Depot

On May 16, 1899, the first spike of the Pacific and Idaho Northern Railway was driven into the first rail at the City of Weiser located in Washington County, Idaho.  It would be 12 years later before the last rail would be laid, 90 miles north at the new town site of New Meadows, at that time also located in Washington County.

The track ended just past at the beautiful new brick depot building located on the western edge of the new town site.  The two story bracketed Italianate structure, with its graceful 3 arch portico entry was designed by Architect H. W. Bond of Weiser.  The depot was constructed in 1910 – 1911; at a cost of $14,335.  It was a show place modeled for neatness, convenience and comfort, including a Ladies Waiting Room.  The lower floor was equipped with all the modern features of the era, electric lights,  sewer and water.  The upper floor housed the general offices of the P & IN and was completely equipped with modern furniture used in railroad offices.  The room on the southwest corner on the second story is called “The President’s Room” and was utilized by Colonel Heigho President of the P & IN Railway.

When constructed the depot served as the terminus for the P & IN line which diverged from the mainline of the Oregon Short Line at Weiser and was a major hub of activity.  The P & IN Depot was an operating building until 1979 though it was under different ownerships in the prior years.

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