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All proceeds are used to produce and gather more Meadows Valley memories and to fund the ongoing P&IN Depot Project of the Adams County Historical Society.

All DVD’s sell for $18 ea. including 6% sales tax each except:

#12A the J.I. Morgan Recognition ceremony $10.90 including sales tax
#15 — 17, one on one interviews $10.90 ea. including sales tax

Shipping additional: Add $2.00

#1 Early Settlers of Meadows Valley (Tessie (Elkins) Osborn, Marge (Davis) Dryden, Larry Clay and Corky Krigbaum)

#2 Early Settlers of Meadows Valley (Marion (Wilson) Patoray, Bud & Marsha LaFay, Alice (Wilson) Pangman and Mona (LaFay) Anderson)

#3 Early Settlers of Meadows Valley Joy (Waddell) Palmer, LaVern McMahan and Lowell Madison)

#4 Early New Meadows (Margery (Wyman) Gilderoy, Nita (Reynolds)Branstetter, Alice (Wilson) Pangman and Heber Rich)

#5 Early Settlers of Meadows Valley (Thelma (Ratzat) Creason, Nita (Reynolds) Branstetter and Leonard Wallace)

#5A A visit with Oscar Branstetter – early settler of Meadows Valley

#6 Early Settlers of Meadows Valley – The Campbell Family (Charlotte (Campbell) Armacost, Geneva (Hall) Vanderpool, Alvin Hall and Darrell Campbell)

#7 Early Settlers of Meadows Valley (Ruth (Balbach) Higby, Una (Balbach) Rose, Dick Yoakum and David MacGregor)

#8 Early Logging in Meadows Valley (Claus White, Will Kerby, Warren Loomis and Barney Conner)

#9 Early Settlers of Meadows Valley (Mary (Farrell) Hoioos, Don Adair and Ed Raney)

#10 Early Settlers of Meadows Valley (Delvin Watkins, LaRonis (Johnson) Wardle, Dave Johnson, Keith Johnson and LeRoy Johnson)

#11 Early New Meadows – contains panelists:  Boyd Moore, June (Harris) Clay and Larry Bouck

#12  Loggers Round Table – includes stories from various local loggers—past and present

#12A  J.I. Morgan Recognition ceremony

#13  Early New Meadows – consists of family history and memories of panelists:  Inez (Wilson) Morris, Dorothy (Whitney) Nadeau, LeRoy Johnson, and Glen Carlock.

#14  Ranchers Round Table – includes stories from local ranchers

#15 A visit with Lee Simonson – developer of Kimberland Meadows (aka Meadow Creek)

#16 A visit with Carl Shaver – early New Meadows

#17 A visit with Clifford Zierlein– early New Meadows resident

Each video has been edited by Pete Walker and the moderator of the panel discussions is Dale Fisk, historian and editor of the Adams County Record newspaper.

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